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1/ approximately when the game will be released in final version (year, quarter)

2/ are there any marine units and diving

3/ a dimension that has never operated in my opinion in a RTS (or very little) is: underland

3a/ can be envisaged underground bunker vehicles storage (space saving to motherbase accesses, and protection vehicles)

3b/ units capable of creating/fixng tunnels

-protected connection between multiple bases

-resistance to air bombardment,

-need multiple surface access buildings (elevators)

-weakness against espionage unit / sabotage

3c/ ability to create cavities in the mountains to protected artillery point

4d/ ability to create cavities in protected mountain fortress of air attack

-point of weakness such ventilation / cooling system, or conveyor materials (surface) which stops the production as not fixed (unlike an open factory) + elevator

5/ production plant expansion modules, rather than having to constantly create new plants (space saving unit to create multiple simultaneously)

6/easy to translate the game if you do not sell it in the language of the buyer (I'm French and I'm tired of your games and software constantly in English only)

7/interactivity map: landslide, flood, snow, washing see that slow destroy units (adverse or not)


frozen lake that allow tactical shortcuts to ground unit, but if ice melts when temperature rises, or breakage ice (because too much weight) lost unity.
ice that blocks the naval unit.
temperature overheating terrestrial vehicles and suddenly they move slower.
storm that prevents the air unit to fly

7b/ allowing sand to conceal land unit

8/ light / night cycle for the lighting management units

9/ solo editor campagn, and shop to sale campaign to other players (with the option seller to offer a few copies of the campaign he created to receive notices motivates or not to buy)

RTS games around in circles, yet it is not lacking ideas to make it evolve

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This is not the game for you.

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